Globala mål

About us


I september 2015 enades rekordmånga världsledare i FN:s högkvarter om 17 nya globala mål för en hållbar utveckling. Globala målen är en del av Agenda 2030 och är den mest ambitiösa agendan för hållbar utveckling som väldens länder någonsin antagit och finns till för att uppnå fyra fantastiska saker till år 2030: Att avskaffa extrem fattigdom, att minska ojämlikheter och orättvisor i världen, att främja fred och rättvisa och att lösa klimatkrisen. Alla länder, rika som fattiga, inkluderas i målsättningen och kraven på att uppnå en social och ekonomisk utveckling utan att skada ekosystemen.

To achieve this, all our stores in Spain and Portugal will carry out various activities that will lead to reduced environmental impact and more positive social development.

Our environmental work focuses on the reduction of energy, water, plastic, paper, and automobile fuel. And as of January this year they will also compensate all customers for flights to and from the Iberian Peninsula in relation to home purchases.

Sustainable future

Ensuring more people have access to a safe home is another part of the work Fastighetsbyrån is involved in for a more sustainable future through their collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages. For each house they sell they will contribute EUR 10 to SOS Children’s Villages. With operations in Sweden, Spain and Portugal, this means approximately 450,000 EUR annually. Find more about our work with SOS Children´s Villages here.

Sustainability is a commercial aspect in which customers and employees appreciate the company for their work in this area and choose it over other alternatives.

“We are already working to contribute to several of the 17 global sustainability goals of the Paris Agreement, and this work will be intensified, expanded, made visible and communicated.

Our goals for 2024

  • 100% green electricity and 30% less electricity.

  • 50% of electric cars, the rest hybrids

  • Reduce paper consumption by 75%

  • Climate compensation for air travel of customers and employees

  • Support one or more local initiatives for equality

The real estate sector is lagging behind on these issues and we must begin to assume greater responsibility.