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Your local real estate agent in Benalmádena

Did you know that Fastighetsbyrån is Sweden’s largest estate agent in Spain as well? Our estate agent team represents Fastighetsbyrån in the municipalities of Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Mijas. We have had a branch in Fuengirola since 2011, and in 2017 we opened a branch in Benalmádena too. 

Here in Benalmádena we believe in having a local presence

There are many reasons why we want to have a presence in Benalmádena. It’s partly because we are seeing a significant increase in demand for homes in Benalmádena municipality. Interest in apartments and houses here is on the rise, primarily among Scandinavians, and we can understand why. The unique combination of an authentic Spanish environment and international influences creates an attractive atmosphere. Add to that Benalmádena’s proximity to Málaga, with excellent rail connections and international airports, and you have all you need in one location!

The other reason why we have opened a branch in Benalmádena is to have a local presence. That’s why our estate agents live and work in Benalmádena. This is important for us, as it creates credibility in our service. We want you to be able to trust our knowledge of the market in which we operate. The fact is no other estate agent is represented in as many locations as Fastighetsbyrån.

Our estate agent services in Benalmádena

Buying a home abroad can be as nerve-racking as it is exciting, and there’s a lot to consider. That’s why here at Fastighetsbyrån Benalmádena we are with you throughout the process, from house hunting to completion. Naturally, we also help with the legal and financial contacts you need to buy your dream home in Benalmádena.

For instance, we always recommend a lawyer for anyone intending to buy a property in Spain. The lawyer’s job is to go through and ensure all the legal documents are in place relating to your property transaction. So you as a customer can have peace of mind about your property purchase in Benalmádena, and also have access to legal advice.

Fastighetsbyrån Benalmádena has a close partnership with one of Spain’s biggest law firms, the highly regarded Martinez Echevarria.

The housing market in Benalmádena is hot!

Spain has never been so popular with Scandinavians, and Swedes have never bought so many properties in Spain as they are now. This trend looks set to continue, and Benalmádena is no exception, so it’s definitely the time to buy in Spain and Benalmádena municipality!
Fastighetsbyrån’s estate agents have a sound local knowledge of Benalmádena and a good network of contacts with local Spanish construction companies. We have both estate agents specialising in apartments in central parts of the city, and talented villa estate agents managing sales of detached and terraced houses.

Fastighetsbyrån is the biggest Swedish estate agent in Spain

Fastighetsbyrån handles almost one in three of the homes bought by Swedes in Spain, making it without a doubt the biggest Swedish estate agent in Spain. But what does that mean for you as a customer?
It means peace of mind and a better chance of finding what you’re looking for. We believe that our many sales are largely built on the good recommendations we receive. And we get such good recommendations because of our professional estate agent service.
We offer a huge range of benefits that you won’t find with other estate agents in Spain. It could be as simple as a precise pinpoint on a map. At Fastighetsbyrån you always get detailed information about the exact map location of a property. That may sound obvious, but not in Spain.
On top of that, we provide you with clear and informative property layouts to give you a good overview and help you plan how you would furnish the apartment. It’s extremely important to us that you receive this kind of information, so you feel well-informed despite being many miles away from Benalmádena!

Contact us today

Thinking about buying a property in Spain, and Benalmádena in particular? Then come and visit our lovely branch in central Benalmádena. You’ll be able to meet one of our estate agents here to discuss the housing market, ask questions about the purchasing process in Spain, or just enjoy a cup of coffee!


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