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Thinking about selling your property in Spain?

Selling a property is a complex business, just like buying one. When it´s a property in Spain, it can be even more complicated, requiring an understanding of foreign real estate markets, local price fluctuations and what it is that buyers are looking for in any particular area.

With sellers facing so many questions, Fastighetsbyrån is here to help. With offices across Spain, as well as branches in Portugal, we have staff on the ground who understand the local markets from every angle. We know which streets command the best prices, where the best beaches are, whether it’s worth doing up your home or garden before selling… anything and everything that you need to know in order to conduct a successful and profitable sale.

The leading agents in Sweden

Fastighetsbyrån is Sweden’s leading real estate agency, with 270 offices across the country. With a large network of contacts across Sweden, the UK and Iberia, we are frequently asked for properties in the Southern Europe, where we have extensive experience of supporting clients in selling their homes.

Our reputation for clarity and simplicity is second to none. Sellers who choose Fastighetsbyrån have immediate access to our extensive network of potential buyers, all of whom are actively seeking the perfect Iberian property. So if you’re looking to sell your property in Spain, we can quickly and easily put you in touch with the right buyer at the right time.

A fully supportive service
We are here to support you with every stage of selling your property. From the initial description and advertising, through to signing the contract and understanding capital gains tax implications, our team of expert staff is at your disposal.

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