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Tips and advice

Tips and advice about the Spanish beaches

  • Be careful of the sun if you are only here on a short visit. Make sure to put on plenty of sun protection and use cream with a high factor.
  • Remember that the sun is very, very strong in the middle of the day. Use a parasol for shade and drink plenty of water – this will allow you to enjoy a full day on the beach.
  • There are plenty of restaurants serving more-or-less identical menus along most of the beaches in the big city regions. If you would like something a little less "touristy", visit the restaurants located a few streets back from the beach.
  • Remember that pickpockets love to work in places where there are large crowds. Make sure to keep an eye on your possessions when you go down to the water to swim or play. It is a good idea to ask someone nearby to look after your things for you.
  • Try out new beach activities. Companies that organise such activities are used to working with novices and will teach you what to do.
  • Enjoy the sea, but treat the waves with respect.Always follow instructions from the life guards – they are there for your sake

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