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Portugal have no specific requirements on formal training or certification for managing residential property sales. Fastighetsbyrån, the largest Swedish operator in these countries, therefore provides mandatory training for all its staff to ensure consistent high quality. The training programme, known as Fastighetsbyrån Academy, has been developed in collaboration with professional business education provider FEI.

Portugal doesn’t have the same strict regulations for the sector as Sweden. For example, it’s not mandatory to be trained and certified to manage residential property sales. To ensure all employees have the correct know-how and to maintain high standards, Fastighetsbyrån is introducing its own training programme. Fastighetsbyrån is the first Swedish operator in Portugal to provide certification of its employees.

In  Portugal there are no guarantees on the quality of service you buy from an estate agent. In the past, lots of international customers have experienced that this can lead to uncertainty. We’ve had high quality standards from the outset, but by now offering a high level of training we are developing along with the sector as a whole. This will provide a better guarantee for buyers and sellers to ensure a good service and experience.

Fastighetsbyrån has developed and is delivering the training programme Fastighetsbyrån Academy together with professional business training provider FEI. It involves basic applied vocational training for all Fastighetsbyrån employees and certification of property finders and sales representatives by Fastighetsbyrån as Certified International Estate Agents. The areas of training include financial management, legal services, construction engineering and property valuation.

Buying a home abroad can seem daunting. There are different regulations and you don’t always have the necessary language skills. So it’s important for us that our customers are reassured that we always have the knowledge and expertise needed. We have always provided training for our staff but we’re now taking things to a new level. Together with FEI we’re taking a broader approach and bringing all our courses under the umbrella of Fastighetsbyrån Academy.

The first Fastighetsbyrån Academy courses started in September 2018. The training programme is being delivered at new training premises in Alicante, Spain, as well as remotely using FEI FLEX.

This technical solution is great for us as we have 25 offices dotted across Spain and Portugal. That enables us to travel less, saving both time and money. It’s also good from a sustainability and environmental perspective.

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