Living in Portugal

Living in Portugal

What’s it really like, living in Portugal? Is there anything in particular you should bear in mind? Most of us working at Fastighetsbyrån in Portugal have lived here for many years, and we are more than happy to share with you what we have learned.

An uninterrupted view out over the Atlantic, a picturesque little village, living a few minutes’ walk from the beach or in the heart of the city… Whatever your Portuguese dream, we have something for you.

Portugal is famous as a great seafaring nation and has a proud history. Vasco da Gama, for example, was the first European to sail to India in 1497. Nowadays, however, tourism is the biggest employment sector in Portugal. Charter flights here began arriving back in the 1960s with the Algarve coast, which was particularly popular with golfers, the main attraction.

Other popular destinations include Albufeira, Vilamoura, Sagres, Lagos and Tavira, but the areas around Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, are also popular.

Portugal in brief

  • Portugal has a population of around 11 million.

  • The country has been a democracy since 1976 and a member of the EU since 1986.

  • The language is Portuguese.

  • The currency is the euro.

  • The climate is Mediterranean, with the highest temperatures between July and September.

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