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The vendor’s responsibility

As the vendor, you are responsible for handing over the property in the condition (both legal and physical) stated in the purchase agreement. This includes any installations and licences that may be in place. You are also responsible for sharing information on any faults or defects with the estate agent, so that descriptions and price discussions can accurately reflect the property’s condition.

Spanish law requires purchasers, to the best of their ability, to perform careful, in-depth examinations of the properties they intend to purchase. Many buyers like to use a professional to help them with this process and as the seller you should be open to letting this happen.

As the vendor, you must declare any faults that you are aware of as “hidden faults” may leave you liable to compensate the buyer. A hidden fault is one where the property is in an appreciably worse condition than the buyer had reason to expect and that condition either affects the residential environment or would have affected the purchase price. 

Do let us know if you have any concerns around this and our expert team will be happy to provide further guidance on how to be transparent during the sale of your property. 

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The vendor's responsibility

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