About us


As a real estate agency, we help people realize their dream of finding the perfect home in Sweden, Spain or Portugal. We want to do this as sustainably as possible. By actively working towards sustainability, we aim to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly real estate agency and contribute to a more sustainable housing situation.

Our vision

Fastighetsbyrån aims for profitability and growth to be achieved with a sustainable approach throughout our business. By advocating sustainable franchises and a strong real estate market, we can achieve positive developments for both society and the environment. We want to continue to evolve to become an even more sustainable company, and serve as an inspiration to our industry and our customers.

UN Global Goals

Our sustainability work is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we are committed to doing everything we can to help meet them and enable the transformation of climate change as set out in the Paris Agreement. Based on our activities, we have identified nine goals that are relevant to us and where we can have an impact and make a real difference.


Our daily work

Fastighetsbyrån's long-term goal is for our operations to have as little negative impact as possible on the climate and society, under our control. Carrying out a residential transaction in Spain or Portugal often involves air travel for our buyers, so we offset each of these residential transactions with a €15 investment in our climate offset initiative. This gives us the opportunity to give back to our planet by planting new trees.

We help our clients buy houses every day in Sweden, Spain and Portugal and understand the importance of a safe home, something that millions of children around the world lack. Today, more than 220 million children around the world live in extremely vulnerable conditions because they lack basic parental care or are at risk of losing it. To ensure that more people have a safe home, we donate €10 to SOS Children's Villages for every property we sell.

Our local offices actively work to create the most sustainable workplaces possible, and we aim to be a completely climate-neutral company. Sustainability must be an integral part of our business, and form part of our daily work and every decision we make - big and small.

For the planet

Climate offsetting

For the purchase of each home in Spain or Portugal, we offset a portion of the emissions involved in buying a home abroad. This gives us the opportunity to give something back to our planet by planting trees.


For society

A safe home for more people

Ensuring that more people have a safe home is part of our work for a more sustainable future. For every property that Fastighetsbyrån has the opportunity to sell in Spain and Portugal, we contribute €10 to SOS Children's Villages.

Togo SOS Byar

For all of us

Fastighetsbyrån Academy

To ensure that all employees in our offices in Spain and Portugal have the right competencies and maintain high quality, we have our own training program with the Företagsekonomiska Institutet.