For the planet

Climate compensation

We help people realize their dream of having a home abroad every day and our aim is to continue doing just that. At the same time, we know that some aspects of our business have a negative impact on the environment, especially air travel in connection with home purchases. We therefore offset every residential transaction on the Iberian Peninsula by allocating €15 to planting trees in the Fastighetsbyrån forest.

In 2019, Fastighetsbyrån started a carbon offset programme on our own activities, which include our clients’ air travel during the process of a home purchase. For residential transactions carried out in Spain and Portugal in 2020, we were able to offset 260 tonnes of CO2 and plant 1,600 trees in the Fastighetsbyrån forest. For the residential transactions Fastighetsbyrån handled in 2021, 354 tonnes of CO2 were offset by planting 3,500 trees in collaboration with the company Folia Project and the town council of Biar, which owns the land.

Several initiatives to improve sustainability

Operating a business that has a negative impact on the climate means that our company must be at the forefront on matters relating to the environment and sustainability. To the best of our knowledge, Fastighetsbyrån is the first real estate agency in Spain and Portugal to offset the CO2 produced by its own operations.
The Fastighetsbyrån forest is one of several initiatives by Fastighetsbyrån to improve its sustainability in Spain and Portugal. We also endeavour to ensure that more people have a safe home and regularly support the work of SOS Children’s Villages in Togo with a €10 donation for every residential transaction we handle. Our local offices also limit their environmental impact by reducing paper consumption and increasing the use of green electricity and electric/hybrid cars. Fastighetsbyrån’s goal is to become a climate-neutral company.