Seller´s guide

Before the photo shooting of your property

Presenting your home with realistic and attractive photos on the Internet and other types of ads will make the difference.

They help make a good first impression, which in turn attracts
more potential buyers for your home. Thus, at Fastighetsbyrån

we give great importance to photographs of your property. Below are some tips on how to prepare for the photo session.

It is very important to have enough light when taking pictures. Make sure all light bulbs work. Raise the blinds and awnings to let in light and show off the views. To create a cosier environment, you can light candles and/or place flowers.

Clean, open spaces give a better impression. Therefore we suggest you remove everything you can from the kitchen sink and table, including small appliances, kitchen utensils and clean dishes. It’s preferable if you remove photos, drawings and other items from the refrigerator.

Clear spaces and straighten couch cushions. A clean floor gives a better impression without rugs and makes the room look more spacious. If possible, decorate the room with flowers.

Make beds and put on bedspreads. Put away clothes and other objects, such as personal items on the bedside table.

In the bathroom it’s preferable to put away any bottles and other things lying about. Remove as much stuff as possible from around the wash basin and the edge of the tub. New, clean towels give a welcoming look.

Few Spanish homes have storage rooms, so if yours does, it’s very important to show it.

A lovely terrace/balcony is important for the ad. Clean it thoroughly, put cushions on the patio furniture and open any umbrellas. Remove any ashtrays. If you have plants outside, prune them and remove any dead leaves and branches. If you have a pool, make sure it’s clean and remove the cover.