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New homes

Upcoming for sale

When a property is advertised as “upcoming for sale”, our aim is to inform and inspire you about brand new homes that will soon be for sale. We will act as mediators for these projects, but not until they meet our documentation requirements before marketing them to you.

A home with an “upcoming sale” label is ready to go on the market. If work on the project has already started, we may be able to show the property to you. Although full information and documentation may not yet be ready, we would expect this to be available within 90 days.

To guarantee your security as a buyer, we supervise all new build projects with the help of an independent law firm. The attorneys draw up a new build report which we then review to decide if we can confidently market the project to you as a potential buyer. We also ensure that builders never ask for more than 30% of the total asking price before final inspection and access can take place.

Interested in an upcoming home? Talk to us. We'll keep you informed throughout the project. We want you to feel confident about your home purchase and we'll be with you every step of the way. Check out our upcoming sales: dream homes.