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Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca

The south-eastern coast of Spain features around 200km of beautiful beaches with soft, white sand (hence the area’s name). They are backed by blue sea under the shining sun. For those from countries with less reliable climates (like the UK or Sweden), this sunshine is simply fabulous.

The Costa Blanca is one of the sunniest parts of Spain, boasting some 320 days of sun per year.

But there’s also a lot more to the Costa Blanca than its beaches and sunshine. The area also offers a wide range of attractions, from varied countryside and tall, scenic mountains in the north, which are a real hit with nature lovers, to charming little inlets along the coast, with crystal clear water and peaceful surroundings. 

In the nearby Costa Cálida, nestled in amongst the magnificent countryside and lovely local vineyards (which are well worth a visit), you will find Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon.

Eternal spring

The southern part of the Costa Blanca enjoys a delightful microclimate with average temperatures all year round of between 15 and 35º C. This is often described as “eternal spring.” Who could ask for more?

Costa Blanca

Alicante and Costa Blanca very popular with foreign buyers

Alicante and Costa Blanca attract more foreign buyers than any other region in Spain. Indeed, more than 40% of buyers are foreigners. The UK, Sweden, Belgium and France are the biggest nationalities of buyers in Costa Blanca.

Foreign buyers

British buyers

British buyers are the #1 nationality of foreign buyers in Spain. In fact, the UK Buyers top the ranking of international home buyers every year, with no exception. So, how is this market evolving? Are the British buying more, or less than before?

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