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NIF application

In order to buy a property in Portugal, you will need to apply for a Portuguese tax identification number, known as a Número de identificação fiscal (NIF).

You will be required to provide your NIF during meetings with local authorities and in order to open bank accounts, telephone and utility accounts and so forth. If you are planning on relocating permanently or obtaining the NHR (Non-Habitual Residents Regime) status, we recommend you apply as soon as you can.

You can apply for your NIF number in Portugal at a Taxation office (Finanças) or a Citizen’s Bureau. The application can be submitted either in person or via a proxy. If you are unable to apply yourself or if you feel unsure about the process, we can offer you help by recommending appropriate business offices and lawyers. They can then apply for the NIF in good time on your behalf by acting as a proxy.

Tax representative

If you are not planning on relocating permanently
to Portugal, Fastighetsbyrån recommends to appoint a tax representative. Your tax representative will take care of your property taxes and can also help you with various other legal and tax-related matters, as well as with drawing up your will. Fastighetsbyrån is happy to connect you with a reputable tax representative. We can also put you in touch with lawyers and other professionals who can help with establishing your presence in Portugal.

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