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The Algarve is Portugal´s sunny side in the far south of the country. The province extends from Vila Real Santo Antonio near the Spanish border in the east, to Cabo São Vicente in the west - a distance of 150 kilometers.

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Portugal´s southern province has attracted visitors for centuries.
The Romans dominated the area for a long time. The Moors from North of Africa arrived later and left their marks, including the name of the province, Al-Gharb, which translates as “The West” in Arabic.

Today, most visitors come from the Northern Europe, attracted by the excellent climate and the relaxed lifestyle. The Portuguese are famous for their hospitality and are easy to come in contact with since the majority speak English.

There are many beautiful towns along the coast, and even the small fishing villages have been turned into tourist resorts with lots of entertainment.

The Portuguese are known for their culinary skills, and with the Atlantic Ocean right next door the Algarve offers a great variety of fresh fish as well as home grown produce.

The beaches are world class and many of them are surrounded by the sandstone cliffs that have made the Algarve famous. The Algarve is also associated with golf and there are 30 golf courses of high quality to play on in all seasons. With over 3000 hours of sunshine and a pleasant climate all year round, the Algarve is home to all kinds of outdoor activities.

If you venture inland just a few kilometers from the coast, you will find a different Algarve.

Small rural villages where time stands still. Orange plantations and olive trees. Local restaurants that offer locally grown delicacies.

Fastighetbyrån´s office is situated right in the centre of lovely Lagos. We have a profound knowledge and experience locally, of the Algarve, an extended network as well as an extended network to serve you.