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Algarve – Albufeira/Vilamoura


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Your estate agent in Algarve – Albufeira/Vilamoura

Welcome to your Real Estate in the Algarve-Vilamoura. At Fastighetsbyrån office in Vilamoura you will find a dedicated team committed to help our clients finding their dream property.

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We have thorough and local knowledge about Algarve and its housing market. We also have the partner network needed to help you find your dream home along the stunning Algarve coast. No matter what type of property you are looking for we have a plan to help you find your property.

Swedish Real Estate in Portugal

We are a Swedish certified real-estate agency located in Portugal. We are here to help help you find your new home. You can feel confident that we understand the needs and wishes from our clients and that we can help you find the right place for you.

 Our experience in the real estate sector combined with our local knowledge can help you in all stages of the buying process. We will analyze and map what you are looking for, organize the viewings and assist with the contract writing and all the legal processes related to your investment. The team can also offer the support needed in multiple languages, in addition to Swedish and English, also French and of course Portuguese.

Viewings of properties in Algarve-Vilamoura

As soon as you start thinking about looking for your property in the Algarve-Vilamoura, you are welcome to contact us. We analyze the market for you to find the alternatives that can be of interest of you. When we meet personally we also introduce you to different neighborhoods around the Algarve-Vilamoura to find an area that meets your needs and requirement. We always organize private viewings at a time that is convenient for you. 

When it is time to buy housing in the Algarve-Vilamoura

When it comes time to sign contract we are here to support you. We know it is important to our buyers to be able to confirm that all details are correct and the transaction is properly documented. We work closely with lawyers and tax lawyers in the Algarve-Vilamoura that handle the legal process.

When the deal is completed you can celebrate your new home. If you consider renovating, furnishing or need an interior designer have a wide network of experts we can recommend.

 The real estate market in the Algarve-Vilamoura

The financial crisis hit Portugal hard, but the market has recovered well and prices have risen by about 5-7% per year. In addition, Portugal and the Algarve coast are popular with the European generation approaching retirement age and seeking accommodation abroad. The increased interest from people in Scandinavia, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the UK has given a stronger demand for housing in Vilamoura, with prices rising.

 What characterizes Vilamoura

Algarve-Vilamoura has a lot to offer, especially for those looking for the little extra when it comes to accommodation. The area of ​​Vilamoura today is characterized by a large number of well-kept residential areas and architectural-built building projects.