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The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is beautifully situated on seven hills. The city faces the Tagus River where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Lisbon has been inhabited since well before Roman times and the cultural influences of the city have varied over time, from Romans and Moors to Portugal's golden age as a seafaring nation. Now houses and monuments from earlier eras are mixed with modern architecture. Although there are wide avenues are also streets that are too steep and narrow for standard cars and buses. These are served by small picturesque trams and where it is too steep even for these you can find funiculars.

The climate of the town is pleasant all year round, in summer there are cool breezes from the sea even when the heat is at its greatest. While in winter, still pleasant with sunny days. This makes Lisbon a green city, with a northern summer weather all year round.

The Portuguese are very interested in food and in the supermarket, there is an abundance of fine ingredients. Fish from the nearby Atlantic Ocean, local cheeses such as 'queijo de Serra da Estrela' and lovely vegetables. The Portuguese wines are well worth exploring. Portuguese enjoy pastry and there is a lot to try!

Just 30 minutes west from downtown Lisbon you find the former fishing villages of Cascais and Estoril. Nowadays, the area is prosperous and offers beautiful beaches, relaxation, shopping and water sports. The area also offers a wide selection of golf courses in Estoril is Europe's largest casino.

In the mountains north of Cascais is Sintra located, a magical place where beautiful and majestic castles and palaces rule over the forested mountainsides. The place is world heritage classified and the beautiful green landscape with picturesque villages and 'quintas' makes Sintra into an attractive place without comparison to any other.

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