Step 4

Showing your property

A successful viewing can lead to a prospective purchaser making up their mind in as little as two minutes – as can an unsuccessful one! That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that you, and your property, are well prepared for viewings.

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Prepare your property for a viewing
Private home viewing

First impressions are incredibly important, so we support you to ensure that potential buyers see the very best of what your property has to offer. To do this, we find out as much as possible about your property so that those going to view it know precisely what to expect. We also find out in detail what the prospective purchasers are looking for, so that we don’t waste your time with viewings by anyone who isn’t genuinely interested.

We understand that buying a property is about more than just the home itself, so we give potential buyers the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the surrounding area and to ask our agents everything from sea views to taxes, all in an open, non-pressurised manner.

For further information on the perfect viewing, please read the section below or ask your agent about tips and ideas on how you can best prepare your property for a viewing.

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