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Living in Spain

Living on Gran Canaria - the island lifestyle

The subtropical climate is one of an eternal spring, with average temperatures between 18-24ºC and average highs of around 28ºC. It rains, but only enough to provide an occasional diversion from the sunshine.


The island’s coastline offers just about every beach experience, adding pebbles and black volcanic sands to the perfect white variety. Choose from the vast stretch of Maspalomas and Playa de Inglés (watch out for nudists) to the tiny Sardina del Norte and the isolated Montaña de Arena.

The horseshoe shaped and facility-packed Amadores Beach is a man-made marvel invented by the tourist industry and built in the early 2000s, while more intrepid beach hunters take the three-hour country hike (or boat from Puerto Rico) to the remote and unspoilt Gui Gui.

For a promenade the more accessible 3.5km Las Canteras Beach in the heart of Las Palmas always delivers and Puerto Rico’s buzzing beachfront is all about fun.


Traditional Spanish cuisine meets Africa and Latin America flavours to deliver eclectic dining and a local diet based on fruit, vegetables and truly outstanding fish most likely served by the restaurant that caught it. Prices suit all budgets.

Local markets offer fresh produce including traditional sausages, goat’s cheese and local honey. Watch out for Gofio, packed with goodness and used to both thicken soups and as a popular ice cream flavour.


The weather, beaches, clear water and myriad landscapes encourage all kinds of outdoor pursuits. Every water sport is on hand from jet skiing and surfing to deep sea fishing and taking a dive on the Yellow Submarine.

Hiking, mountain biking and climbing suit the more adventurous, while plenty of golf courses for those not yet ready to try the traditional sports of Canarian wrestling or the Shepherd’s Jump.


In true Spanish tradition, festivals are a way of life here and regular public holidays enable everyone to join in. Carnival is a huge celebration across all the islands, and the Carnival de Las Palmas is one of the biggest.